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Dane Silzle (Producer, Editor, Animator and Cinematographer)
Founder and owner of drp and drppost

Dane Silzle and drp work closely with client, creative, and account representatives to delivering projects on-time and on-budget.
With over 20 years experience in broadcast sound and video production, Dane Silzle as drp has produced; digital cinematography, editorials, animation, composites, rotoscope and sound design for TV, Film, Internet and DVD.

drp is also an association of working professionals:
Cinematographer (Mark Solter).
Storyboard artists,
Voice-over talent,
Line and post-production crews
experience with Television, Film, Radio or Corporate Production.

drp productions

  • Television commercials, national and local broadcasts on: ABC, KABC, KTAL, KTTV, KOCE and Cox network.
  • Creative Concept and Public Testing: Animatics for production pre-visualization, public testing and focus groups for: Taco Bell, Kibbles 'n Bits, Meow Mix, 9Lives, Sunkist, Smokey The Bear and others...
  • TV Commercials/maintenance, New Tags/Buttons/motion graphics/footage/VO for: WC Nissan, Sylvan Learning Center, Sunkist, Hong Kong Tourist Board, Hilton Family, and more...
  • Original On-line internet video and webisodes for: Taco Bell, Del Monte (pet food division), Bard Medical Industries, Bioness, Impedimed, Ocean Institute, NeoMend, Vertitek, Doubletree and more...
  • Corporate video's for Original On-line and DVD delivery include: agency reels for new business, venture capital presentations, franchise group presentations, trade show presentations, rippomatic presentations and concepts, internet radio and radio concepts, medical research, labs, surgery, equestrian stem cell research, instructional videos and more...

drp clients/agency's

FCB- DRAFTFCB (True North Corporation to Interpublic group)
Productions: TV Commercials/Spot Maintenance, Webisodes, 2D animation, editorial, composites & rotoscope, videography/digital cinematography, VO recording, audio Mix, finish edit, encoding and delivery for TV, DVD and Web.
Including work for: Taco Bell (English and Multicultural), "5 seconds with Charles Barkley" Del Monte (pet food div), Petco, Hong Kong Tourist Board, Hilton Family, Double Tree, Orowheat, Kawisaki, Sunkist, Sylvan Learning Center.

Andersen Jones
Productions: 3D animation (Logo treatments), editorial, composites & titling, cinematography, audio Mix, finish edit, encoding and delivery for DVD, Web and iPad Apps. Creating original medical industrial and instructional video for, Web, DVD and iPad App usage.

NeoMend inc. (Industrial Medical)
Production: cinematography, editorial, VO recording, audio Mix, Logo treatments, finish edit, encoding and delivery for DVD and Web.
Including: live surgery video shoot, studio video shoot, still product shots, VO recording, editorial, finishing, encoding and deliver for web.

Vertitek (Industrial Medical)
Performing: video shoot, live audio recording, editorials, encoding and delivery for Web.
Including: surgery video shoot (wt audio), studio video shoot, Interviews, editorial, finishing, encoding and deliver for web.

Brandtailers, Irvine, CA
Production: digital cinematography, live audio recording, rotoscope, VFX, SFX, editorial, finishing and deliver to cable, local and national TV.
Including: auto commercials, dealerships, 6 and 10 month campaigns.

Danny Gray, Santa Ana, CA
Production: Location Shoot, VO recording, editorial, composite and rotoscope, finishing for DVD
Including: promo video for trade-shows and demo of manufacturing. Included the creative process involved with producing custom Chopper seats.

Ocean Institute, Dana Point, CA
Productions: location video shoot, composites & titling, 3D animation (Logo treatments), VO audio recording, finish edit , encoding and delivery for TV, DVD, Web and duplication.
Including: TV PSA, promotional DVD's and large event presentations.

Ardustry Home Entertainment, Woodland Hills, CA,
Production: editorial, VO recording, titles, composites and finishing for direct to video DVD sales.
Including: main title "He Is Risen" inspirational DVD distributed through "BlockBuster" and other distribution.

Townsend & O'Leary, Irvine, CA
Production: editorial, VO recording, titles, composites and finishing for TV
Including: "Kenecta" TV spots.

SGI-USA, Santa Ana, CA
Performed: videography/digital cinematography (multi-camera), composites, titles, VO recording, sound mix, delivery to DVD.
Including: large event multi-camera video shoots, studio shoots, editorials and large event presentations.

Newport Film Festival: "Directors Master Series"
Production: Live cinematography at event, editorial and graphic treatment for 2006 festival.

Infinity Surfboards: "The Art Of Tandem Surfing"
Production: Full Feature, history to present of World Champion Tandem Surfing Team, including History, Competition, Technique and Instructional. Use of old and new footage, classic Tandem Surfing and Tandem Skate boarding. Delivery direct to DVD, DVD sales.