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High-end Original video
Online content

drp creates High-end original-video content for websites and online video delivery. A fast paced Sizzle, a Teaser, a PSA, Corporate content, a How-to (instructional video), Advertisment or Webisodes, We'll create what you need, with High-end digital cinema quality.

On a You Tube video, David Hsieh, Cisco VP of Marketing and Entertainment says "Cisco estimates that inernet video already takes up more than 51% of all web usage" and goes on to say that online video will account for more than 90% of all internet traffic in as little as 3 years.

Clients and agency's are shifting part of their TV budget to online video. Corporations and instutions are also looking for High-end online media that differentiates themselves from some of the lowbrow content currently on the internet.

drp creates premium online video media that companies and brands desire. Content that could be broadcast on TV as well as online.

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Advertisment - WD-40

Advertisment - 9 Lives